When it hurts to move, it's time to change the way you move.
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MoveEasy101 starts Jan. 8, 2018.

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Suggestions for props that will support your healthy movement, created for my students, clients, and you. 

I now believe that even the most “out-of-shape” body can heal and improve.
Jo Anne S.
Retired Attorney
My back, posture, and body well-being are surprisingly GREAT.
Adrienne R.
Thank you for designing individual solutions to resolve chronic pain.
Fred F.
Yoga Student

Meet Your Teacher

I know that you want to learn how to move without pain and I am excited to help you do that with MoveEasy101. 

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I can't wait for you to enroll. Expect to be amazed in 90 days.

Yours in good health,

MoveEasy101 Secret #1

Slow down before you start. You cannot change the way you move until you become aware of the way you move. Slowing down will allow you to become aware of  your movement and how it works for you.

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MoveEasy101 Secret #2

Check in with your inner athlete often. Everybody has one! Your inner athlete is your best guide. She (he) will  help you get to know your body.

MoveEasy101 Secret #3

Move within your pain-free range of motion. If you move through pain, tension, or discomfort, your body will resist the change you are seeking. The pain will continue or get bigger. Make your movements smaller, slower, or stop altogether instead.


Starts Jan. 8, 2018
$ 400 Regular Price
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