MoveEasy101 Beta: Coming Sept. 11 


90-Day Online Course - $140 - 65% Discount*

MoveEasy101 Beta starts September 11, 2017 at your location and everywhere

In the MoveEasy101 online classroom, you will:

  • eliminate pain naturally
  • create new, healthier movement patterns
  • feel and look younger
  • sit and stand taller
  • improve balance, stability, mobility
  • boost confidence and well-being

MoveEasy101 beta will include:

  • 11 weekly live lesssons, lesson replays, lesson transcripts
  • 11 live Q & A sessions with IMF founder, Via Anderson
  • Individual and group support
  • Learning Triplets and other features of the IMF system of healthy movement
  • Bonuses to inform and inspire (optional)
  • Opportunity to give feedback and improve the course as we go

*ONE TIME ONLY, 65% discount for MoveEasy101 Beta that starts Sept. 11.

You can sign up for MoveEasy101 Beta for $140, a 65% discount. MoveEasy101 Beta is as close to perfect as we can make it, and your participation at this phase of development will make it even better, as we invite and consider your feedback while we get ready for the Primero Launch of MoveEasy101 scheduled Jan. 9, 2018.

Via Anderson is a Yoga and Movement Coach, founder of Intelligent Movement Forever, creator of MoveEasy101, a 90-day online course that teaches the IMF system of healthy movement. She practices what she teaches her clients and students and together they get younger every day. She is 75 years young.

Brought to you by Intelligent Movement Forever, and MoveEasy 101